John Deere SmartDetect™


The next phase of Deere's technology journey can be found with SmartDetect™ and SmartDetect with Assist.

SmartDetect combines cameras and machine learning to help give operators a better view of their surrounds. The system alerts operators when an object enters the machine' projected travel path and provides unique detection alerts for people in the camera' entire field of view. With SmartDetect Assist, the machine will automatically stop before coming in contact with a person.

Smart Detect

Smart Detect Assist

Object Detection technology, paired with a high-resolution camera and a dedicated display, helps enhance the operator experience and increase situational awareness. In addition, the industry-first vehicle trajectory logic technology overlays the projected vehicle reverse path to illustrate where the vehicle will move next.

Building upon the object detection enhancements, the industry-first Advanced Vision System integrates two digital cameras on the sideview mirror frames, helping to provide increased visibility to the sides of the machine. Within the cab display, operators benefit from an integrated view of all cameras, helping to increase spatial awareness with wider views and enhanced clarity.