Trained Technicians

At Murphy Tractor, our technicians are Capstone certified and are highly trained and focused to get you back to work. Murphy Tractor knows that you expect our technicians to be trusted and reliable. John Deere requires all Murphy Tractor technicians to be factory trained every time new products are shipped to our branches. This ensures that our technicians should be able to identify and repair everything on your machine. Our service departments can find the issue and resolve it quickly and efficiently, getting you back to work as quickly as possible. We take pride in the amount of training that is continuously provided to our technicians from the factory, as well as our internal training team. Ensuring you receive the highest level of service whether your machine is repaired in the shop or on the field.

John Deere Protect

John Deere Protect

John Deere Protect has two different service plans to choose what suits your lifestyle best. Our goal with both plans is to maximize uptime, give you protected value, and the total confidence and ease. Overall, we want to give you the peace of mind that either Murphy Tractor or your own technicians will keep your investment running with the right service.

John Deere Protect Service Plan

The John Deere Protect service plan helps remove your maintenance planning burden so you can focus on running your business. This plan provides you with locked in annual maintenance costs, scheduled service intervals, expert inspections and preventative maintenance labor done by a Murphy Tractor technician, protected value of your machine, and authentic John Deere parts. 

John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan

John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids plan helps protect your investment and maximize uptime but also allows the flexibility for customer technicians to complete the maintenance work. Where on-site service by a dealership technician is not possible or practical, this provides customers with options to conduct maintenance services and inspection while utilizing their own technicians.


Powertrain ReLife Plus

Powertrain ReLife Plus is all about extending machine life for customers in order to help them meet their owning and operating cost expectations. You can design your rebuild plan at our John Deere certified rebuild centers, or extend the life of your machine with a full machine rebuild which includes:

  • Powertrain Component Replacement
  • Complete, Thorough Machine Inspection
  • Extended Powertrain Warranty
  • Parts, Discounts, and Incentives

Murphy Tractor & Equipment is a Certified Rebuild CenterCertified Rebuild Center

For more information check out our Rebuild Brochure

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are an excellent way to protect your cash flow and minimize the risk of doing business. Murphy Tractor is an authorized provider of warranty on new John Deere Construction Equipment.  Murphy Tractor offers a variety of warranty and extended warranty programs. Click here for more information 

Murphy Tractor Supports All Makes

Murphy Tractor supports your entire fleet of equipment nonetheless the make or model. We have a specialist team that has the experience and knowledge to source a wide range of competitive parts to help keep all of your fleets up and running.