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Whatever you’re up against we have the solutions to help you get the job done.  

Bringing machines, technology, and you together to make your job easier 

Murphy Tractor offer the latest John Deere equipment with industry leading, integrated technologies, to be more efficient, more productive, improve jobsite safety and they will even identify potential issues before they become real problems to keep you up and running. 

Eliminate Work

Improve Job Security

Counteract Labor Shortage

Increase Efficiency

John Deere Connected Support™ delivers increased productivity and uptime, and lowers daily operating costs. 

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machine monitoring


Expert Alerts


Remote diagnostics and programming


John Deere SmartGrade™ adopt grade management technologies at your own pace. Choose from 2D Grade Guidance all the way up to full SmartGrade™ 3D Grade Control. Upgrade at any time and free yourself from stakes and strings, over digging and rework.  



Excavator John Deere

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Crawler Dozer

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Motor Grader

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Track Loader

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John Deere SmartDetect™ combines cameras, radar and machine learning to provide operators a better and safer view of their surroundings. The system alerts operators when an object enters the machine' projected travel path.

obstacle detection


Murphy Tractor is proud to be your Authorized Topcon dealer in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio.  Topcon is a world leader in construction technology offering a full range of products including GPS, laser and grade management software. Whether you need equipment for surveying, mapping, 2D or 3D machine control we have the solution. Our Murphy team will provide the training and support you need to keep your jobs running accurately and efficiently. 

Topcon Machine Control, move it Once and Move it Profitably. Maximize productivity and profit with 2D or 3D systems for dozers, motor graders, excavators or compact equipment. Tailor your solution to the way you work, whether that includes guidance or automatic control. 

MC-MAX Excavator

mx-max excavator



Excavation |Topcon Positioning

Topcon Positioning, delivering precise positioning from the field to the office and back. Murphy Tractor and Topcon offer the solutions you need for surveying, mapping and monitoring. 


We have the tools to help you get the job done!

JD/MTEC Lockup Vertical

John Deere equipment comes with built-in technology, to not only help you be efficient and productive but also to sense potential issues and alert you and us. 

Topcon/MTEC Lockup Vertical

Murphy Tractor is proud to be a Topcon dealer.  Topcon is a world leader in construction technology, and we offer their products and services to our customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio.  We are able to provide training, support, services and equipment covering the full range of Topcon products, including GPS systems, lasers, levels and software. Whether you need equipment for surveying, mapping, or 3D and 2D machine control. 

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