John Deere WorkSight™ Technology

John Deere WorkSight™ technology monitors your machines and troubleshoots problems all in one place. Any possible issues are sent directly to Fleet Care, which diagnoses and applies solutions immediately. See what it feels like when your machines work for you.


JD LinkBuilt-in technology that allows you to access information about your machine’s location and performance. A JDLink™ subscription provides data like machine location, machine hours, maintenance reminders, diagnostic codes, equipment utilization, fuel consumption data, and machine reporting. JDLink™ can be added to any machine in your fleet. John Deere offers three JDLink™ options to boost your efficiency.

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Fleet Care

John Deere Fleet Care is a revolutionary service that interprets machine data and advises "in simple terms" the best methods to proactively control machine health. Through the simple solutions prescribed by Fleet Care, you’ll increase machine availability and significantly lower your operating expenses. Fleet Care evaluates machine data and "thinks through" maintenance protocols before prescribing downtime cures that will keep your fleet and your bottom line healthy.

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Service Advisor Remote

Allows Murphy Tractor to connect remotely to your machine for diagnostic trouble codes, record performance data and update software remotely, without requiring a jobsite visit.

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TPS is the world’s largest company focused exclusively on positioning control and machine control products, software, and applications for the survey, civil engineering, construction and agriculture industries.


World leader in onboard weighing and material management for scales on wheel loaders. Loadrite products have grown to new systems like excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, and garbage trucks.

Grade Control

One word: "Exact!" Grade Control makes it easier to calculate more accurate estimates, eliminate placing and replacing takes, eliminate the need for the operator to exit the cab to check the grade and complete tasks sooner so you can move on to the next job.

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Payload Weighing

Haul more efficiently and track material movement with onboard payload weighing for Articulated Dump Trucks and wheel loaders. Two payload scale options are available.

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