New SP 94i

Inset Slipform Pavers
SP 94i

Inset Slipform pavers

  • 12 ft - 32 ft
  • 0 - 18 in
  • EU Stage 4/US EPA Tier 4f

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Fully Modular Inset Slipform Paver in the 30 ft Class

  • The cost-effective 4-track slipform paver with concrete equipment specially adapted to the US market is suitable for a wide range of large-scale road paving jobs from 6 ft to 30 ft wide and 18 in thick (cannot be combined with all options).

  • The machine concept makes an exceptionally flat surface possible.

  • The fully modular machine design, simple changeover and expansion, and hydraulic swing arms make the machine highly adaptable to any job site situation.

  • The intelligent, electronic steering and control concept ensures precise handling of the four crawler units and thus precise concrete paving.

  • Precise insertion of tie bars and dowels via a self-loading dowel bar inserter (optional) makes it possible to pave concrete that requires reinforcing steel.

Technical specifications can be found here.

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