New TCM 180i

Texture Curing Machines
TCM 180i

Texture curing machine

  • 59 ft
  • 1 ft 8 in
  • EU Stage 4/US EPA Tier 4f

More Info

Optimum Texture and Protection for Concrete Surfaces up to 59 ft Wide

  • The modular machine design makes it possible to adapt to working widths between 13 ft 1 in and 59 ft.

  • The self-propelled texture curing machine produces the desired surface textures on the freshly paved concrete surface.

  • The automated spraying system with a generously sized storage container effectively distributes the dispersion and protects the concrete surface from premature drying.

  • The various texture and spray modes as well as other texture alternatives offer a wide range of functionality.

  • An extensive array of options that can be combined without additional installation work make a wide variety of applications possible while guaranteeing maximum machine availability.

Technical specifications can be found here.

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