New SP 124i

Inset Slipform Pavers
SP 124i

Inset Slipform pavers

  • 14 ft - 40 ft
  • 0 - 18 in
  • EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3

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Slipform Paver for Cost-Effective, Large-Scale Concrete Paving

  • The inset slipform paver is the perfect choice for the cost-effective paving of large concrete surfaces ranging from 16 ft to 40 ft wide and 18 in thick.

  • The slipform paver can be easily adapted to any job site situation thanks to the machine frame, which can be hydraulically telescoped lengthwise and mechanically telescoped sideways.

  • The SP 124/SP 124i comes standard-equipped with four hydraulic swing arms, while the SP 124 L/SP 124 Li comes standard with a rigid connection to the crawler unit with worm gear steering.

  • Precise insertion of tie bars and dowels via a self-loading dowel bar inserter (optional) makes it possible to pave concrete that requires reinforcing steel. The intelligent machine concept with hydraulic swing arms and worm gear steering makes it easy to transport and offers maximum flexibility in any job site situation.

Technical specifications can be found here.

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