The Landing Summer 2020

posted on Monday, August 3, 2020 in The Landing

In this version of The Landing: 

  • Tech Tips. John Deere Connect SupportTM offers diagnostics from a distance while driving quality improvement on the assembly line.
  • Did You Know? Learn about the oldest and rarest trees, and more.
  • Common Ground. For three decades, Doyle Hancock & Sons has prepared sites for seedlings, which is key to the success of a new stand.
  • Deere Gear. A John Deere 524L Loader helps Rogers Wood Products process up to 40-foot-long logs at the family sawmill.
  • Keep the Cutting Edge. Using the latest technology such as John Deere's high-capacity FL100 felling head has helped Bighorn Logging Corp. succeed for almost 40 years. 
  • Social Media. Future loggers know how to stack snacks.

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The Landing 2020-Summer