The Landing - Winter 2023

posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 in The Landing



In this issue, we have the pleasure of pro ling a young logger, Zachary Emerson, co-owner of Emerson & Sons Logging, Groton, Vermont. His story is similar to so many other logging families across the United States and Canada  a story of generations, of passion for the industry, of dedication to the community, and of love for family. As you’ll learn in the cover story on page 12, Emerson has worked for his father Chris most of his life and in recent years has started taking over the reins. When he started working full time for his dad a er high school in 2006, Emerson ran a cable skidder while his father hand felled with a chain saw.  e logging business has changed much since then. Fully mechanized logging machines and technological innovations have revolutionized how logging is done. Emerson has embraced new technology to boost productivity and e  ciency while engaging social media as an industry in uencer. We’re excited to work with him throughout this next year to highlight John Deere Precision Forestry technology. He represents a bright future for logging. Follow Emerson on his Instagram page, @emersonandsonslogging, and at #DeereIn eWoods. Like all logging companies, Emerson & Sons Logging has faced tough challenges over the years, such as severe weather, changing market conditions...