The Landing - Summer 2022

posted on Monday, July 25, 2022 in The Landing

pBoom in Efficiency

I’m pleased to announce that our optional Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) technology is now available on our 953MH and 959MH Tracked Harvesters.  is development is a result of global collaboration between our John Deere Wheeled Cut-to-Length and Full-Tree Forestry teams, with the goal of implementing IBC’s  eldproven technology on tracked harvesters. IBC has been extremely popular with owners of wheeled machines. As you’ll learn in our International Corner article (see page 4), Owner and Operator  omas Schmidt says he can’t imagine living without IBC on his 1270G Wheeled Harvesters. IBC makes it easier to maneuver the harvesting head by reducing the operator inputs controlling the boom. Instead of controlling each independent boom function separately, the operator simply steers the harvester head toward the target. It’s easy and intuitive, helping the operator become more e  cient. Early adopters of IBC on tracked machines include Owner Adam Williams...