Hired Hand to Wanted Man

posted on Monday, June 26, 2023 in The Landing


Adam Williams found his niche running a 953MH Tracked Harvester

Opportunity knocked for Adam Williams, owner of A.R. Williams Logging, back in 2014. Or more accurately, it gave him a call. “My hunting buddy called to tell me he had a lot of logging work lined up in my hometown of Englehart, Ontario,” he recalls. Since 2002, Williams had been working in construction six hours away in Ottawa, where he learned how to run heavy equipment. “I ran large excavators at first, doing street restoration downtown or working in quarries and new developments,” he remembers. “I then switched to wheeled excavators, and when they saw how good I was, I couldn’t get off of it.”

That is until that fateful day he received the phone call. “I moved back home and bought a feller buncher from my friend. It was good work and close to home. I worked as hard as I could and paid that feller buncher off in six weeks.”

Top of the list

Williams first started working in construction after high school when he took a job with a local company in Englehart. “During the winter, we’d haul logs. It was my first time doing anything with logging, and I really enjoyed it,” he says.

When he returned home in 2014 and purchased his first feller buncher, Williams was off and running. But because the general contractors often had their own bunchers, he was usually the last one brought on. “I could make a good living with the buncher, but I was always on the bottom of the list.”

By 2017, the company for which he was contracting desperately needed cut-to-length machines. “Many loggers in the area were afraid to run harvesters because of the higher investment cost and lack of experience working on them,” he recalls.