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posted on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 in The Dirt


Nothing Gets Developed Like a Deere

Some of the most cutting-edge technologies are developed for the most traditional, long-standing trades. Farming. Construction. Development. As demands on these industries grow (expanding population, increasing food consumption, expanding cities) and regulations settle, the industries we serve are pushed to do more with less, more than ever before.

The only way to drive productivity is through innovation. As we’ve done through decades of technological advancement, John Deere Power Systems leads the way.

Making smart moves

With a majority of new emissions regulations behind us, engine development will no longer be driven primarily by the need to meet these requirements.

In 2020, we announced our vision to rapidly integrate new technologies to help customers reach new levels of profitability and sustainability — the John Deere Smart Industrial Strategy. The strategy centers around three focus areas: production systems, our technology stack, and lifecycle solutions.