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posted on Thursday, November 16, 2023 in The Dirt


Key to Success in the Keystone State

Cody Nussbaum, foreman of S&T Excavating, remembers the first time his father, owner Jesse Nussbaum, saw the John Deere 700L SmartGrade™ Crawler Dozer in action. About a year ago, the company had to complete a large stormwater pond and had just taken delivery of the machine. “My father was sitting there watching it run,” says Cody. “In one pass, my brother graded the bottom of the pond, and it was perfectly level.”

His father couldn’t believe his eyes, so Cody sat him in the dozer and showed him how to use it. “I went back across and, in a matter of minutes, graded the pond within an inch,” Jesse remembers. “It was 200-feet long by 100-feet wide. The productivity is just insane. It’s the best thing we ever did.”

“From that point on, my father was sold on the technology,” says Cody.