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posted on Monday, January 31, 2022 in The Dirt

pBig Opportunity in Big Sky Country

Like the cowboys who once roamed the Treasure State, work boots, meaningful days, and the specific pride that comes from rolling up your sleeves and doing your share are all parts of a day in the life. These attributes are made all the better by realizing the impact of the effort. Like most important work, it’s not easy, but someone has to create powerful change for the future.

Proven pioneers

Based in Avon, Minnesota, and with projects all over the United States, Blattner Energy, a Quanta Services company, has been in the game since 1907, constantly innovating and evolving with our country’s changing needs. From railroads and highways to mining and renewable energy, the company has traveled far and wide implementing its proficiency for building the infrastructure required by our developing nation.

As we collectively transition to more sustainable means of powering our cities and states, Blattner has been at the forefront of wrangling utility-scale wind-farm projects, helping establish clean, reliable energy for both today and a brighter tomorrow. Behind those decades of success is a strong culture — and the people who comprise it.