Murphy Tractor now Authorized Dealer for Cemen Tech

posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 in Dealer News

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Murphy Tractor expands its offerings to include volumetric concrete mixers in Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio.

Indianola, Iowa. July 24, 2023: Midwest construction contractors now have greater access to best-in-class volumetric technology thanks to a new partnership between Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc and Cemen Tech.

“This agreement represents a major growth opportunity for Murphy Tractor and its customers in Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska,” said Bill Buckles, President of Murphy Tractor. “The Cemen Tech product line offers our customers a unique opportunity to enhance their productivity and profits as it complements the John Deere and Wirtgen Group equipment lines in construction and road building perfectly.”

Cemen Tech is the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric concrete mixers. Using Cemen Tech’s volumetric technology, construction contractors can measure, mix and dispense a precise amount of concrete at the job site. This reduces waste, saves time and provides a new way to reduce labor hours while increasing their bottom line.

“We are thrilled to add Murphy Tractor to Cemen Tech’s North American dealer network and expand the benefits of volumetric mixing to new markets,” said Connor Deering, CEO and President of Cemen Tech. “Murphy Tractor’s extensive network, commitment to the industry and dedication to high-quality customer service makes them a perfect partner and we look forward to the future.”


About Cemen Tech

Cemen Tech, Inc. has 54 years manufacturing and engineering experience in the volumetric mixing industry. As the industry leader, the company strives to provide the highest quality concrete mixers to its customers. Cemen Tech currently operates in over 70 countries, services mixers across the globe, and supplies equipment to the United States military. Cemen Tech believes that people, businesses, and communities around the world should have the infrastructure to access clean water, to transport goods and services, and to obtain reliable housing. Their products provide the foundation and stability to meet the needs of a growing world in an environmentally conscious way.

About Murphy Tractor & Equipment

Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc., is one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealer organizations. Founded in 1982, Murphy Tractor is headquartered in Park City, Kansas, and has 29 locations throughout the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio. Staffed by over 700 employees, each location has a full complement of equipment and parts inventories, service technicians and field service capabilities. As one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealers, Murphy Tractor is committed to being the product and support supplier of first choice by customers in the markets that use the products they represent.