New W 35 Ri

Small Milling Machines
W 35 Ri

Small milling machine

  • 1 ft 2 in
  • 4 in
  • EU Stage 3b/US EPA Tier 4f

More Info

Universal cold milling machine with diverse application range

  • The versatile cold milling machine is ideal for performing milling jobs in locations where space is limited.
  • The range of applications can be extended using a large variety of milling drums with milling drum housing widths of either 13.8 in. or 19.7 in. (0.35 m or 0.50 m).
  • The machine is also ideal for carrying out rehabilitation work in industrial warehouses or multi-storey car parks.
  • It is characterized by its low weight to which additional weights can be added to optimize ballast and traction under changing demands.
  • The levelling system LEVEL PRO PLUS integrated in the machine control system provides precise milling results.

Technical specifications can be found here.

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